A: Information about yourself and your spouse (if married): by 17 Hanover Square, Mayfair, London, W1S 1HT

1. Name(s) complete:

2. Postal Address:

3. Email:

4. Fax:

5. Date of Birth / age:

6. Marital Status:

7. Native language & English Skills:

8. Other languages:

9. Place of birth:

10. Current nationality:

11. Dependents (age & relationship):

12. Do you have any close relatives living in Australia? If so, what is the relationship and what city / State are they reside. Would they be prepared to sponsor your application?

13. Is this the first time you are applying for an Australian visa? If not, please give details and photocopy of previous visas. If you have ever had a visa application refused, please fax us a copy of the reasons given by the Immigration Department for the refusal.

14. Have you ever had any criminal conviction? If so, please give details.

15. Do you have any health problems? If so, please give details.

16. Do you have preference for a city or State where you wish to reside in Australia if your application is approved? Would you consider to live in another part if advantageous for immigration purposes.

17. What assets would you transfer to Australia in case your application is approved?

B: Business Owner – if you own or have owned a business in the past 4 years please answer the questions below.

1. Do you own or are you a shareholder of a business? Please give details.

2. Name, address and telephone number of your business.

3. Type of business. Please explain in detail, the products or services provided by your business.

4. How long do you own the business or the shares of the business?

5. What is the current capital of the business?

6. What is the percentage owned by you and your spouse?

7. What is your equity in the business?

8. What is your total net asset (private assets including spouse’s assets)?

9. Are you involved in the management of the business? How? Please provide details.

The following questions are about the past four years. Please give information from each of the four years. If the business is younger than four, only provide information about the years available.

10. What is the annual turnover to your business?

11. How many full-time employees work in your business?

12. How much is the labour cost or total payroll of your business?